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Frequently Asked Questions


What is is a community site for sharing customized 3d printed products created using ShapeJS scripts. ShapeJS is a Javascript based language for creating 3D printable products and fully interactive Creator applications.

This site allows you to share scripts at several levels depending on your goals. You can share script source code with others, allow them to download your creations as a 3d printable model, or allow them to purchase through Shapeways. When printing at Shapeways, you can add markup to the price.

Can I host ShapeJS Creators on my own website

We are providing ShapeJS as a hosted solution by Shapeways, so unfortunately, there are no real plans (yet) for any self-hosting. While you might see that as a limitation, let me give some context:

  • ShapeJS is still in it's early days
    • We use it extensively internally for our rendering for our marketplace and 3D tools on but the consideration around packaging it externally to developers is still under R&D
    • We hope that with beta partners like yourself, we can get to a place where we figure out the best way to share our tech with the dev community
    • 3D rendering is hard and 3D printability adds even more complexity
    • For some of our early partners, getting up and running to validate their business case quickly is incredibly important
    • Don't spend more time than you have to recreating the wheel before you make even your first sale
    • Optimize dev time (and cost) to focus on your apa specific logic
    • Graphics processing and model storage
    • A great benefit of using something that's hosted is that you don't have to worry about the maintenance and cost of scaling up or down for GPU usage, data storage, etc; again it's to focus on proving your application

What is

Are you trying to say my user interface is bad? Well we agree, it's rough and could be so much better. Ideally we want to let you develop a creator quickly with a small team. The autogeneated interface lets people interact with it quickly amd we will improve this over time.

We are also working on an interface to allow you to code your own user interface and just use ShapeJS as the geometry creation, fixing and viewing platform. More details to come on this

I have a 3D printer(s) - can I use ShapeJS to make content?

Creator authors can decide if the output of their creator can be downloaded for home usage. Our goal is to make creating customized products fun and easy so we hope people do want to share.

I have another question: How can I contact Shapeways?

We're happy to help! Please use the ShapeJS Forum to ask your question.

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