Facsimile Unlimited 3D Complete Graph Builder

Product Description

Just playing around with vectors and loops to generate a complete graph, also known as a visualization of the handshake problem. A line is connected between every possible pair of nodes and a sphere is placed at each node to clean up the intersections for 3D printing. Connecting line and sphere diameters are both menu adjustable. Several types of 3D and degenerate 2D complete graphs are menu selectable. Most options use calculated or randomly generated node coordinates for up to 30 nodes. One option allows you to enter the x,y,z coordinates for up to 6 nodes which are used to generate a desired 3D geometry of your choice. Suitable for use as a piece of jewelry, decoration, dust collector, or as a ShapeJS scripting language test structure. Available in many Shapeways material options but please review the design rules for any specific material before ordering. Check the rules against your geometry settings to maximize the odds that your creation can be fabricated.

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